Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

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In a world of increasing demand and diminishing resources, people are working more hours, spending more time outside work tethered to digital devices, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritise. As a result they’re increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. It’s not a sustainable way of working for individuals or for organisations.

Our renowned Energy Academy curriculum transforms engagement to banish burnout and promote all day energy in your workplace.

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wellbeing and resilience training (online)

We use innovative strategies to build sustainable wellbeing and increased engagement with a refreshing energy boost.


Workplace Wellbeing Webinars

mental fitness

Mental Fitness

Practical tips to promote mental clarity and concentration, awareness and renewed focus on better mental health.

  • Mindfulness for Busy People
  • Understand Uncertainty
  • Destroy Distraction
physical vitality

Physical Vitality

Building the foundations of an energised body with effective sleep, fuel, movement and renewal to Banish Burnout.

  • All-Day Energy
  • Superpower Sleep
  • Fueling Fitness

Emotional Agility

Stay grounded in the face of change and uncertainty to boost emotional skills like confidence, fortitude and courage.

  • Address Anxiety
  • Promote Purpose and Meaning
  • Engage Emotional Awareness
  • Squash Stress

The Energised Executive

Looking after leaders has never been more important. Tackle the human energy crisis in the workplace with a compelling and tailored approach. Designed for leadership teams and people managers to:

  • Sustain optimum energy levels
  • Fuel mental fitness
  • Build emotional fortitude

Intact Team Insights

Workplace Wellbeing Webinars

‘See Share Solve’ is the opportunity to take stock, reflect and resourcefully respond as a team. Responding to varying degrees of lockdown, balancing the demands of work against uncertainty fatigue of the pandemic has left many of us feeling flat, confused and seeking new direction in how to respond to ongoing change.

  • See – Understand the impacts to wellbeing as a result of the pandemic, lockdown and disruption to daily life.

  • Share – Interactive needs analysis using a live ‘Mentimeter’ feedback tool to normalise and highlight the unique themes emerging for the group.

  • Solve – an express learning focus on a wellbeing subject of the group’s choice.


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Workplace Wellbeing Webinars

Robert Hart, as a key learning and development partner, works with our Human Resources team to develop insightful and engaging sessions for our leadership team and employees. He also presents to our broad client base at tailored seminars, for which we receive outstanding feedback.

In working with us to design and deliver internal and external programs, Robert brings a unique mix of passion, intellect and practicality that is entertaining and inspirational.

Melanie, Manager
Corporate Strategy & Marketing
Bayside Group


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