Science, theory and practice. Demystify mindfulness and enjoy the brain gains.

Mindfulness for Busy People explores a practical, interactive and collaborative approach to cultivating mindfulness at work and home. From understanding the physical and neuroscience benefits of mindfulness, spotting the signs of cognitive overload, fatigue and distraction to implementing a practical and energising daily practice, we have a solution to support you.

Brain Gains

Mindfulness offers significant mental health benefits, achieved through regular practice and application. Need convincing at a physical and neuroscientific Level? We offer an overview of current research and what it means for you.

Breathing Basics

An introduction to simple daily, physical mindfulness practice. Understand the foundations of regular renewal throughout the day to rejuvenate energy and reduce stress. Examine the brain/body connection, via a range of breathing techniques to bring calm and clarity to your day.

Sensory Signifiers

Build intentional awareness and perspective, deepen concentration and intuition using cognitively centred guided mindfulness meditation. Apply mindfulness as an anxiety and stress reduction technique to build present moment focus, using the ‘five- senses’.