Short Sharp Seminars

Mix and match programs to build an action packed curriculum

Experience training at high intensity to engage everything from creative thinking and emotional agility to working positively with organisational change. Sharp, invigorating modules to mix into leadership training, team conferences or away days.

Stand alone modules to speedily address challenges faced in your organisation. Delivered in an interactive workshop delivery style with engaging exercises and support materials.

intensive leadership training

Evidence based, with comprehensive research and practical outcomes for high engagement.

Sixty-Minute Sessions

sixty minute sessions

Short sharp sessions, interactively delivered live online or face to face as part of a selection of learning offerings across a half or full day format.

  • Workplace Wellbeing Webinars – Find out more

  • Working From Home – Productivity Purge
  • Mindfulness for Busy People
  • Making the Case for Change
  • Fast Feedback And Coaching Skills

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Specialist Sessions

Face to face, experiential based learning sessions to challenge and engage your team with specialist skills for success. Perfectly balancing theory, practice and progression. We’ll provide the stretch and creative tension – you enjoy the positive results.

Presenting with Purpose

Learn the stagecraft secrets behind credible presentations. We’ll help you short circuit stage fright, stress and performance anxiety associated with presenting and public speaking. Explore the science behind your emotions and deliver your message with dynamism.

From structuring your message for maximum impact and sustaining audience engagement to voice projection and perfecting pitch, we’ll help iron out all the bad habits, blind spots and public speaking nerves.

We combine up to 14 of your employees with an actor, voice coach and a subject matter expert and deliver a potent, energising approach to building confident communication. Together, we help you deliver memorable messages and purposeful presentations.

Duration: Full-Day Highly Interactive workshop program with two facilitators

creative juice program

Creative Juice – Innovation Thinking

CreativeJuice blends innovation, design thinking, neuroscience with action based learning. Taste a range of proven creativity techniques, mind-stimulating tools and evidence-based theories to apply in highly practical ways. We’ll deploy all the learnings to work on a live, current issue in your organisation.

Creative thinking is learned. We will show you how:

  • Master innovation processes applied by hugely successful, iconic thinkers
  • Neuroscience, physical and emotional energy to supercharge your creativity
  • Escape group think, functional fixedness and creative blocks
  • Active experimentation and engagement on a live business issue – apply the learnings in real time
  • Implement highly practical creative ideas for your business

According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, CEOs identify “creativity” as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.

That’s creativity—not operational effectiveness, influence, or even dedication. It is consistent with the study’s other major finding: Global complexity is the foremost issue confronting CEOs and their enterprises. What are you doing to meet these complexities?

Invigorating. Refreshing. Creative. A sharper approach to developing innovation in your team. Fresh ideas facilitated by us and created by you.

Duration: Creative juice is delivered in half measure (3.5 hours) or full-measure (6 hours) formats

Zest Learning’s Creative Juice interactive innovation workshops gave our employees practical and relevant tools, leaving them energised to try them out with their teams.

BP Australia

team building sessions

Team Building and Profiling

Unpeel the hidden layers of talent, diversity, personality and communication styles within your team environment. Achieve increased team performance, motivation and collaboration. 

  • What is important to people?
  • How do people react under stress or during change
  • How do they prefer to act and work?
  • Why decision making processes are different for each person
  • How are customers likely to perceive the team?

Using a range of profiling instruments, we assess team dynamics with credible insight. Interactive workshop exercises and practical goal setting tools embed and sustain positive tangible changes to your team culture. 

Here are some of the benefits achieved for our clients:

  • Effective meetings
  • Improved communication and team relationships
  • Deeper awareness of team skills
  • Coaching and leading through change

Inspire deeper understanding, build trust and appreciate the cognitive diversity, talents and fresh perspectives.

Duration: Express version (3 hours) or Extended Adventure (6 hours)

Rob delivered a leadership workshop on creativity and vision which was perfectly customised and explored relevant examples and challenges the Library is facing into the future. The session was well structured and paced, offering a mixture of group activities, discussions and hands-on practical activities. The quality and design of the workbooks, PowerPoint presentation and equipment gave the session a purposeful, contemporary and unique feel.

One of the participants expressed the session Rob delivered as “the best workshop” they have ever attended.

Human Resources Branch
National Library of Australia


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